How can I find out where cellsites are?

What are the planning rules for cellsites?

  • Planning rules for cellsites could be covered by local planning rules, a National Environmental Standard for Telecommunications Facilities (Telecommunications NES), or both.  
  • The Telecommunications NES sets New Zealand-wide rules on exposures to radiofrequency (RF) fields from cellsites (and other transmitters), and on "low impact" cellsites at the roadside (eg sites which only involve the addition of antennas to an existing lamp-post).  
  • Anything else, such as sites away from the roadside, or any new towers, is governed by rules set by your local authority.  

How do I know the level of RF field exposures near a cellsite?

  • Measurements around several hundred sites in New Zealand show that the maximum exposure is typically less than 1% of the public limit in the New Zealand RF field exposure Standard, and generally the exposures are much lower than that.  The same applies even if several sites are close together. 
  • Exposures inside houses are much lower than outside (except near windows facing a site).  
  • The Telecommunications NES now requires that before a site is built, the operator must submit a report to the local authority confirming that exposures in nearby public areas will comply with the NZ Standard.  
  • If public exposures could exceed 25% of the limit in the Standard, exposures must be measured and confirmed to comply with the limits once the site is operating.  
  • If you are after a more precise answer, you could ask the company which operates the site. 
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