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Advisory services

EMF Services can provide comprehensive advice on the health and safety of electromagnetic fields and other non-ionising radiation.

As with any subject, an Internet search can produce a bewildering variety of opinion on EMF and EMR, what field levels may or may not be harmful and what precautions - if any - should be taken.  EMF Services monitors research findings, and the good quality reviews of this research published by national and international health bodies, and uses this as the basis for its advice.

Examples of the types of advisory services offered include:
  • Assistance with the preparation or assessment of Resource Consent applications for electrical infrastructure or radio transmitters.
  • Using simple models to estimate exposures from electrical infrastructure or radio transmitters.
  • Evaluating EMF exposures in the context of exposure limits or guidelines.
  • Peer review of EMF/EMR reports.
  • Preparation of health and safety guidelines for managing EMF exposures.
Normally all EMF Services measurement reports include conclusions and recommendations based on the measured EMF levels.

Last updated: 10 April 2015