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EMF Services uses high quality equipment to measure electromagnetic fields (EMFs), which is calibrated according to the manufacturers’ recommendations and whose response is checked regularly.
Measurements can be made to determine whether exposures comply with public or occupational health and safety requirements (for example, limits in the New Zealand RF exposure Standard), or with planning rules (such as the National Environmental Standard for Telecommunications Facilities), or simply to know what field levels are present in a home or workplace.  Measurement surveys and reports are tailored to ensure that they provide answers to the key questions of interest.  
EMF Services can measure all EMFs likely to be of interest. This includes:
  • The extremely low frequency (ELF) electric and magnetic fields around transmission lines, electrical infrastructure and any other wiring or equipment carrying mains electricity
  • The radiofrequency (RF) fields and radiation from radio transmitters and industrial sources.  
More information on this equipment and its capabilities is available here.
Previous experience
EMF sources and environments surveyed by EMF Services staff include:
High voltage transmission lines  Cellsites
Distribution lines and transformers  Smart meters
Substations  AM, FM and TV transmitters
Homes and offices  WiFi equipment
Induction and arc furnaces  RF (high frequency) plastic welders
Demagnetisers  Industrial microwaves
Electric melters  Induction heaters
Some examples are shown in the Resources section of this site.
Last updated: 12 December 2017