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Occupational health and safety

Many employers are unsure whether electromagnetic fields (EMFs) might be a risk in their workplace.  

In general, no action is needed in most workplaces.  The types of equipment that might need an assessment include:
  • cables or other equipment (eg large transformers) carrying strong electric currents (hundreds or thousands of amps)
  • induction heaters
  • radio-frequency plastic welders
  • microwave heaters and driers
  • moderate to high power radio transmitters.
You can undertake a quick self-assessment by having a look through this guide prepared in the European Union to help employers work their way through new occupational health and safety rules on EMFs (the so-called "EMF Directive").  These rules are based on limits which are the same as those recommended for use in New Zealand. The guide is intended to help employers make a quick assessment of whether EMFs might present health and safety risks in their workplace. It is designed so that employers whose workplaces are already compliant can establish that quickly, and is free to download.    

You are also welcome to contact EMF Services to discuss your workplace, we will not try and sell you anything if it does not appear necessary.  If it does look like measurements are needed or would be useful, we have the experience and instruments needed for most workplaces. But we also recognise that sometimes having measurements made and documented can ease concerns, even if exposures are anticipated to be well below the recommended limits.    
Last updated: 18 May 2017