About us

EMF Services was started by Martin Gledhill after working in this field for over twenty years at the National Radiation Laboratory of the New Zealand Ministry of Health. In this position he gained a wide range of experience in the whole EMF area, including:
  • Advising central and local government agencies on research findings into the health effects of ELF and RF fields and non-ionising radiation, and helping develop policy and information material in these areas
  • ELF field measurements around transmission lines, substations, industrial equipment, and in private homes
  • RF field measurements around AM and FM broadcast transmitters, cellsites, industrial RF equipment (plastic welders, industrial microwaves)
  • Presentation of expert evidence to local authority and Environment Court hearings on electrical infrastructure and radio transmitters
  • New Zealand representative to the WHO EMF Project
EMF Services builds on these skills and experience to provide high quality measurements, and evidence-based information and advice on EMFs.  Clients include:
  • Central government agencies (including the Ministry of Health)
  • Local government
  • Universities
  • Private individuals
  • Electrical generation, transmission and distribution industry
  • Telecommunications companies
Martin is a member of the Bioelectromagnetics Society and the Australasian Radiation Protection Society, and of the Standards New Zealand/Standards Australia committee on "Human exposure to electromagnetic fields", which in 2016 published a revised Standard on RF exposure assessments.  He is also a member of the International Committee on Electromagnetic Safety, which develops EMF measurement and safety Standards internationally.  

Managing conflicts of interest

As noted above, EMF Services has clients across government, industry and the public.  Potential conflicts of interest are managed as follows:

  • Advice on health effects is guided by the findings of reviews of the relevant research that have been published by independent national and international health and scientific bodies.

  • In order to provide measurement services that accurately reflect exposure levels in the areas of interest, EMF Services uses measurement equipment that is calibrated against national standards, and follows any appropriate measurement and reporting protocols.

  • Reports prepared for clients are not shared with others without permission of the client.

  • Information acquired in the course of business that is not in the public domain is not shared with others without permission (unless required by law).

  • Clients are offered the opportunity to review draft reports before they are finalised in order to check that the report covers the areas of interest, at a suitable level of detail, in language that is comprehensible to the client.  They may not, however, request changes that are not supported by the facts or the data.

  • EMF Services does not accept gifts, entertainment, services or promises of future benefits that may place, or appear to place, obligations between EMF Services and other parties.

  • EMF Services does not sell, promote or gain any benefits from products that protect, or claim to protect, against effects of exposures to electromagnetic fields. 

Last updated: 1 September 2020