EMFs in the home

Low frequency magnetic fields

The electric currents in house wiring and appliances produce magnetic fields.  The strength of the magnetic field near an appliance, or the fuse board or meter box, decreases quite quickly as you get further away from it.  Typically, the field decreases to the background level found throughout the house within a metre or so. 


If you live near a power line or substation, have a look at this page as well.

Radiofrequency fields

WiFi routers, cordless phones and smart meters use low power radio transmitters and produce radiofrequency fields.  They do not transmit continuously, and even close to them exposures are hundreds or thousands of times lower than recommended limits.  The exposures get even lower as you go further away from them.

There are examples of measurements near a WiFi router, a cordless phone and a smart meter elsewhere on this site. 

Radiofrequency fields near cellsites

Measurements around very many cellsites show that radiofrequency fields in a nearby house are usually at least one hundred times lower than the recommended limit for continuous exposures.  In most of the house, they will be much lower than this. 

Should I measure the EMFs in my home?

EMFs in the home are very low - typically hundreds or thousands of times lower than health-based limits.  If you are concerned by even very low exposures, the simplest ways to reduce them even further are:

If you would still like some measurements, then get in touch.

Last reviewed: 12 October 2023