What we do

EMF Services provides professional electromagnetic field (EMF) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR) measurement and advisory services throughout New Zealand. This includes the extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic fields found around anything carrying mains electricity, and the radiofrequency (RF) fields and radiation produced by radio transmitters and some industrial equipment.


EMF Services helps people know what EMFs they are exposed to, and decide whether they need do anything about it.

EMF Services can measure exposures to EMFs and EMR in the home, the environment, and in industry. We use high quality, calibrated measurement gear whose performance is checked regularly.

Measurement results, or exposure predictions for proposed installations, can be compared against recognised exposure Standards, and put in the context of EMF health research findings. We can also help develop policies and rules to manage the health and safety of EMF exposures.

EMF Services staff have over thirty years’ experience providing these services to central and local government, the public and industry.